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Best South Carolina Murder Mystery Weekend Packages

Guest at a Murder Mystery WeekendPeople going to the great state of South Carolina who are looking for a little thrill may want to consider one of these murder mystery vacations. Guests who stay the night at one of these Southern spots can participate in events ranging from ghosts tours to good old fashion sleuthing parties. Some adventure-seeking visitors may even want to go on one of the cruises leaving from South Carolina that feature a murder mystery theme.

The Moore Farm House in Conway, South Carolina

The beautiful Moore Farm House was built in 1914 and is located in Conway, South Carolina. Guests who stay at the Moore Farm House are attracted to the rooms decorated in period antiques, home cooked meals and the nearby Myrtle Beach area. What many guests come for, however, is golf getaways fun north myrtle the Murder Mystery Weekend package that the inn offers. This package has activities ranging from hunting for clues to determining which character is the guilty party.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

The Kiawah Island Resort's Annual Weekend of Mystery is becoming a popular destination for would be sleuthers and detectives. Guests who book this package take part in various fake crimes over the weekend. Individuals are given everything from suspect lists, clues and other information to determine who did what. The event also includes cocktails, meals and other activities. This year is the Fourth Annual Weekend of Mysteryand will be held on February 11-13, 2011.

House of Blues Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One of the top tourist places in South Carolina is the Myrtle Beach coast. It is also home to the House of Blues Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. This dinner theatre features a comedy show and meal while guests get to be part of the evening. During the show, a fake crime is committed and all of the diners get to become suspects. Families who are planning to visit should take note that it only recommended for guests age 13 and up.

South Carolina Murder Mystery Cruises and Boat Trips

Much to the delight of cruise fanatics, there are several local cruises in South Carolina that now offer themed cruises. One such company is Myrtle Beach Sailing Charters who offers a Murder Mystery Cruise. Participants set sail on a chartered boat and become engrossed in a tale of mystery and intrigue told by the Captain and his crew. Visitors are invited to take part complete with role-playing and costumes. The festivities are wrapped up with a meal aboard the boat.

It is important to note that most places require reservations and sometimes a minimum number of participants. Guests should also call ahead to check on age restrictions and other guidelines.

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